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4 Knot Halter & Lead Combo   The NATURAL Horseman

   HOWDY! from beautiful Montana, the home of Natural Nag Co. If you are into natural horsemanship you have come to the right site! We make custom training lead ropes, lunge lines, rope halters, reins, mecates, natural horse treats and other tools for natural horse folks.

   Anyone who follows the "famous" horse trainers knows that their equipment can be expensive! Natural Nag uses the same marine rope (like Samson Stable Braid), same security snaps, and same splicing and tying techniques as the famous trainers. Essentially, you get the same high quality product for less mula! YIPPEE!

   Our site has great products for sale and a section on how to use rope tack within the natural horsemanship philosophy. We hope it is useful to you.

   Natural Nag Co. Tack is TOP Quality at an affordable price. We use the same rope, hardware, and techniques as the famous trainers. We want you to be able to afford those tools so we decided to make and sell gear like theirs but at a discounted cost.

Feel free to wander through our site. You might learn something or, better yet, find some new rope tack for you and your horse!

Just wanted to let you know- the halters arrived today. They look
fabulous! I was also extremely impressed with your service! Thank you
very much. I'll be visiting your site again soon!
Carol Goodin


   For those of you who know what you want, skip this next part. For those who wonder what trainers prefer what or why certain rope, knots, etc...are used then this next section is for you. First, let's talk equipment....why do natural horse people want this rope tack versus cheap old rope tack?

1. Marine rope-- most natural horse trainers use marine or yacht rope for lead ropes, long lines, reins, mecates. Why? This rope is the easiest rope to transfer energy along it's course. It is springy, soft, supple and gentle on the horse and human hands. Marine rope is also the most durable, weather resistant rope there is. Once you feel our lead ropes or reins you will not want to use anything else! Hey, the famous trainers handle rope all day...they know what works.

2. Slobber straps-- simply put, slobber straps are an easy way to attach reins or mecates to a bit. They act as a hinge between the horse's bit and riders hands. They are quick to release and slow to put pressure on....your horse will learn to anticipate pressure faster and feel the release of pressure immediately.

3. Security snaps-- They are easy to use, durable, and swivel. They also add a bit of weight to your lead rope or long line to facilitate the pressure/release theory of natural horse folks. I do mostly stainless steel snaps but also offer brass (special order). Stainless is more durable but brass is a bit softer and some folks feel it gives a bit.

4. Special knots-- our rope halters have all the fancy knots. The Fiador knot at the chin and double-overhand or blood knots elsewhere. They are slightly adjustable in size by feeding rope through the Fiador knot (it took me a long time to figure out how to do this without screwing up the rope halter!). Our rope halters come in two styles; a 2 knot noseband or a 4 knot noseband.

5. Splicing-- have you ever used the lead ropes that have a metal rope clamp to hold it together? I think this is ugly and is just another piece of metal to hurt you or your horse. Natural horseman prefer to use lead ropes that have an eyesplice in one end and a backsplice in the other. The splicing is extremely durable (tow lines are done this way) and looks nice as well. The splice in both ends adds balance to the rope.
miniture horse wearing 4 knot halter
4 knot halter--used by trainers
like Anderson
Additional nose knots and made
of stiffer, thinner cord which
gives extra control.
donkey wearing 4 knot halter
4 knot noseband rope halter
The 4 knot noseband utilizes more
pressure points and is a little more
severe. This allows the handler to
get the point across to the horse
and get results faster.
horse wearing 2 knot halter
2 knot halter--used by trainers
like Parelli for control yet still
soft to the touch.
10' Reins
  10' Reins, black and white, with and without slobber straps.

   I hope the information above has given you a better understanding of these natural horsemanship products. These natural horsemanship trainers are very talented trainers and businessmen. I am just trying to make their same tools available to you at an affordable price. Our rope halters, lead ropes, mecates, reins, and lunge lines are made with the same rope as theirs and are the same HIGH quality. I truly believe in the natural horsemanship way and think we should all take bits and pieces from trainers we admire and put those pieces to work for us. I know I have made up my own philosophy with the help of these famous trainers and my old cowboy DAD! Enjoy working with your can't screw them up to bad with patience, consistency, and persistence.

2 Knot Rope Halter Rope Lead with Snap and Popper Rope Reins and slobber straps
2 Knot Halter Lead w/security snap & popper Rein & Slobber Straps
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